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The following are a few hints on caring to lengthen the lifetime of your product:

  1. Treat your furniture as often as possible with good furniture oil, preferably once a week. Take note that oil speeds up the aging process. The more often the furniture is oiled, the faster the color of the furniture will age. Oil is for sale at any Ranch Furniture retail store.

  2. The logs used in our products are CCA-treated (copper, chrome, arsenic) Eucalyptus logs . This wood has an inherent characteristic to crack as the wood dries and the CCA moisture escapes. Seeing that the moisture content of CCA-treated logs cannot be measured, we do not have control over the drying and developing of cracks in the logs. All logs have (or get) cracks and these are then filled with special filler that gives the wood this unique definition. Cracks of up to 1cm are not at all uncommon.

  3. Furniture with tiled surfaces: Hair cracks can develop on tables with tiled surfaces. You can fill cracks yourself with filler obtainable for free at any Ranch Furniture retail branch.

    Do the following: Wipe the surface of the crack with a damp cloth or sponge. Apply the filler by rubbing it into the crack with your wet finger. Wipe excess filler off with a clear damp cloth or sponge. The filler will change color after a few hours (oxidize).

    Take note that slate surfaces are not waterproof and that water or fluids that are spilled on it, must be dried immediately. This must be done to prevent water from penetrating in between the tiles and preventing the fiberboard from swelling and lifting the tiles.

  4. Any scratching or marks that results from bumping can be removed by applying a bit of stain on a dry sponge, and then rubbing it over the mark. Stain is available in 50ml containers at all Ranch Furniture retail branches (free of charge).

  5. Caring for your furniture: Please ask your Ranch salesperson for more information if possible.

    Instructions: To fasten Tsitsikamma couches, chairs, beds and dining room chairs, do the following:

    • Place the couch or chair on its back
    • Tighten the screw at the bottom with a number 13 set-spanner
    • If necessary, remove the cap at the top and hold the pin with a vice grip or pliers. Replace the caps with two or three tacks. (New caps are available at all Ranch Furniture retail branches). If necessary, the long pin can be sawed off with a back-saw.

      Please don't hesitate to call us if you should experience any problems.

May your furniture provide you with a lifetime of pleasure!!

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