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This is the standard Warranty on all our products. Please read this carefully before any claims are made.

  1. The Furniture / Installation work supplied by Ranch Furniture is warranted for a period of 2 (two) years against faulty parts and workmanship. A 20 (twenty) year warranty is given regarding insect infestation on treated Saligna logs.

  2. Should the customer / client / owner elect to send any components to our factory for repair or replacement, the purchaser will pay the carriage.

  3. Should it be necessary to complete any repairs at the customer's / client's / owner's home, a service charge can be applicable.

  4. This Warranty specifically excludes any damage to the construction or its accessory equipment resulting from any of the following:

    • Misuse of any nature
    • Repaired work carried out without consent writing from us.
    • Damage done by other trades or persons during construction or other activities in the vicinity of the installation.
    • Act of God or earthquake
    • Riot and civil commotion, are specially excluded from this Warranty
    • Installation or repair work carried out by people other than Ranch Furniture personnel.

  5. This Warranty excludes the payment of any monies claimed by the customer / client / owner, due to loss of Furniture or Installation while repairs are being carried out. Such repairs will always be expedited in the shortest possible time.

  6. This Warranty will be of no value if the customer / client / owner has, for any reason, failed to pay any amount due to Ranch Furniture.

  7. Ranch Furniture will try its utmost best not to damage any fixtures during installation and or any repairs made afterwards. Ranch Furniture can not and will not be, for any possible reason or cause, be held responsible for replacing any damage to fixtures, tiling, decking, carpeting or fitting, including mortar work, window frames glazing etc. during the normal installation procedure.

  8. Ranch Furniture will not replace or amend any repairs to any product / furniture purchased if this Warranty is lost by the customer / client / owner.

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